Seven Years Behind - The Giant

from by Ed Poole



swimming in endorphins,
I inhale grey clouds through nostrils,
I could choose to leave tomorrow,
But I feel fifty feet tall.
I am crushing houses under foot,
and watch nature bend to my will.
But you are just a figment, imagination,
A citizen with a camera phone filming all destruction

The weapons that they use to take me down, won't make a scratch though oily and mottled hide.
I am not attacker,
It's not my fault that I have all this power to wield.
Leave me to my solitude,
I am not your enemy, I am not your enemy.
I am just a warning of the horror yet to come.

And you will know me by name,
But you don't know what I am not the threat anymore.
They're coming for your money, I am just a story that they use to keep you safe in line.


from Ed Poole x Seven Years Behind Split, released May 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Ed Poole Liverpool, UK

Liverpool, UK

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