Well, This Is Lovely! - Ed Poole​/​Duncan Ewart Split

by Ed Poole



released November 12, 2014


all rights reserved



Ed Poole Liverpool, UK

Sonically dense with brooding guitar lines and soaring vocals, Ed Poole embraces the DIY ethic, self-producing and creating songs that toe the line between punk rock and more atmospheric and darker tones.

Beneath the layers of this Liverpool-based musician's songs, there is much more to be discovered.

RIYL: Kevin Devine, Owen, Into It. Over It, Koji
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Track Name: 2004
No excuses they're a waste of time
You're singing with a numb and empty heart
Why am I so afraid to get up and to fail?
Another chooses apathy
But I'm sure the room will cast this off and all of us and pass it all along without me.

There are holes in this old t-shirt since 2004
Some would say its for the better but I swear I just see scars
But you are welcome to it darling, it looks better on you than it ever could on me

You must be aching for a new home
It seems I rarely think these things through
Why am I so afraid to dig myself free? Why's it so hard?
Nothing anchoring
But in truth, all I really needed was the safety of your arms, for you to catch me off my guard and we're away.

I will take this on my head
I know its not me, I can't show you how this ends
And if this sounds fake, or seemingly without thought
You can take it literally and take comfort in yourself
Track Name: I Am The Best At Being Modest
Remember when you would make enemies like friends
When the universe would hit you you’d laugh “how lad, swing again”
So you grew a heart and got it broken, as if that’s what made you up.
You were a fearless cocky likely lad that nobody could touch.

Remember when

You tore it up back then
You lived like it could end
You chose cold over home
Because no one has adventures staying warm.

You were going to live forever
Leave stories, do something they’ll remember
Be a tall tale, 9, 10 feet and over
The man, the myth, the legend, completely made of thunder

Be ridiculous and let the world think what it wants
Chase every scrap of dream you can and run til you trip up
If the thought of losing everything is all that puts you off.
Nothing lasts forever and at least you had it once
Track Name: Signal Fires
I was looking at 10 years digging this hole
Putting out signal fires to stop help from reaching the shore
When we left our home town all those years ago
Its taken me until now to finally let it go

Please tell me if I should slow down, are you feeling lost?
Its just, this needs to be said right here, right now, or never say it at all
But in our first home, when you stripped down the walls
Yeah, I knew right then I couldn't stay here again
I'd have to go it alone

But I would have taken your name
I would have taken your name
I would have taken your name
I would have taken your name

I remember the balcony and the smell of the coast
I remember the same old game, but its not ours anymore
Now don't you give me that look, 'cause I swear I see right through
Yeah its always the hardest choice that's the right choice
I can promise you
Track Name: Legacy
He's lying through what's left of his teeth,
"I've sorted myself out"
are you fucking kidding me?
"I'm just too old to start again, the whole world is out to get me and someone else has lost me all my friends"

He's still falling around and he's a mess when he comes down.
He could have been someone, he could be anyone right now

He lies so hard it's not even hard anymore and he don't even remember how he lost it all. He's not breaking hearts anymore and no one remembers his name.

He'll smoke his voice away and beer his gut. He can't keep the same girl but he'll call it love. He knows the secret to get what you want; If you scream that's how it happened you're the good guy, you're the victim, you can't be wrong.
Track Name: I Am Not A Swan
I left the last one with my head held high and struts. I was going to change the world by singing songs and meeting girls.
I stuck it and I lived it and I thought I had it sussed. But I took too long to realise that my guitar and ego weren’t enough.

Now I’m embarrassed and I’m scared, my life it all feels done.
I’ve traded smiles for chains of smoke and I’m almost always drunk
Now I’m face to face with something behind bars that I’ve thrown up.
It hisses at me, “What the hell you playing at here, son?”

I thought I’d beat it but it never really left, it just settled in a corner and laughed at my attempts and waited for the fold and break to leave a pretty standard mess. Then it stood and it flexed.

I’m glad I don’t believe in anything after, because then when it ends it really matters. For every fall I’ve got an answer, this isn’t the last time.

You should try yoga, or meditate a bit. You just need to calm down and accept your place.
That’s just bullshit, I’m not letting go of this because the twist it keeps me going, that little monster keeps me sane.

I’ve lost friends and I’ve lost children, ruined lives and saved a few. I think on balance I’m the bad guy but I haven’t got a clue because the good stuff’s down in pencil with the negatives in pen.
If I could see how I’d turn out I’d do none of it again.

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